Slave to the Monday morning

Lemon Tea

Morning Tea

Getting up on Monday morning is never easy, it doesn’t matter how much of a relaxing Sunday I have had, or how early I went to bed, Mondays are always a bit of a shock to the system…

As I boiled the kettle this morning for my cup of tea ready to sit down with the kids for 10 minutes to ease into the day, I couldn’t help thinking about the kids and families living under modern day slavery.

IMAGINE waking up with  a blocked nose, banging headache, aching joints and a sinus infection knowing that taking a day off to recuperate was not an option.

IMAGINE never having a holiday to look forward to, or even a two day weekend.

IMAGINE not being able to enjoy a pay check at the end of the month as a reward for all your hard efforts.

IMAGINE not getting any satisfaction from your job, none, zero.

IMAGINE working 14+ hour days, day in and day out, relentless, endless, forever.

IMAGINE not being free to go to the bathroom or have a drink without consent from another.

IMAGINE being hungry and scared nearly all the time with no hope of it every ending.

IMAGINE seeing your little five year old child with a sad face, hungry eyes, sore hands and no bright future.

IMAGINE .. this is reality for 30m people, 50% of which are KIDS, CHILDREN.

I am trying to imagine over my cup of tea, that right now, this minute, there is someone suffering like this.  Some’one’ would be bad enough, but 30 million some’ones’ is more than I can even comprehend.

Lets start getting busy getting this stopped.

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