Good news, the kids are smiling!!

We made our first transfer to The Miracle School Ministry for school books this weekend and received this lovely thank you picture from the kids.

Look at those lovely smiley faces.

Remember that these are kids who without these school books would have no option but to continue working in the brick kilns with their families.  This is heavy, dangerous, monotonous and soul destroying work.  School offers them relief from this existence, and a way out.

So once again thanks so much to everyone who helped provide school books for these children.

As can see at the bottom of our website we have only achieved 20% of our 2015 target.  This means out of the 600 Miracle kids we have managed to buy school books for approximately 120 of them. There are still 480 kids living in hope that they will get to start school soon too.

It is never too late to donate, and every amount helps.

You can donate easily by clicking on the donate button underneath the ‘oilometers’ at the bottom of the page, here you can use paypal or a bank card.

It occurred to me when making this transfer that relatively little money can do so much good.  I think we are blinded by all the big charity drives which pull in millions for good causes, and forget that the little projects can also make a huge difference.  Most of us have well established, high profile charities that we regularly support, but I really encourage you to spare a little for this project too, it is fantastic to see first hand the positive impact you can make on a life, once again, just look at those faces.

It cost just £10 for a set of school books for each of these kids for a whole year…

Thank you sisters and brothers

Thank you sisters and brothers

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