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What is education?

Education has many meanings, in its purest form it conjures up a classroom situation where instruction is given in a systematic form, following a syllabus with course work and an exam at the end to see how well you have understood.

Education empowers

However education is so much more than this. It is the power in the transfer of knowledge from generation to generation, of  information, values, ideals and morals.

It can be stimulating and enlightening in the same way that watching a master at work can be an experience enriched with learning.

Education if embraced is rewarding, challenging, fulfilling and fun, but most importantly it empowers.  It gives you the tools to know the difference between right and wrong.  To know that you don’t have to accept what is the reality of now, but can reach out for what can be the promise of tomorrow.

Education is a way out

We who live in developed countries often take education for granted, we do not see it as a gift enabling us to strive for a brighter future, but often a chore or a necessity.  However there are many children in the world living in abject poverty who view education as a privilege, a lifeline.

We at The Mercy Tree, a small fundraising community, are trying to raise money for 600 kids from the worlds poorest families to go to school.

Many of these families are tied to their employer by bonded labour agreements. Bonded labour basically means that as repayment for a small loan, extended in bad faith and taken up by the family as a matter of survival, the family is then bound for generation after generation to the employer.

The original loans are loaded with extortionate interest rates, and the wages paid by the very same creditor are little or non existent, meaning these families have no chance of ever repaying the debt and are forever in debt to the employer.

We are striving to end this cycle of hopelessness for by giving some children a chance, a way out.  We are not attempting to rescue the world, but fully believe if we can make a positive difference, somewhere, for someone, ultimately we can change the world.

  ..How much better to get wisdom than gold! – (proverbs 16:16)

Please help us by donating a sum of money, once off or on a  regular basis, or buying some of the Mercy Tree goods, or contacting us to see how else you can help.
apple for the teacher

apple for the teacher

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