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What if food was permanently scarce?

So I am a 5:2 convert, that is, intermittent fasting.

This is an eating lifestyle where you eat normally most of the time, ie five days a week (thankfully), and on two days of the week you “fast” (eat less).

This way of eating claims to have many health benefits, and as a bi-product of fasting (if you are not pigging out on your “normal” days) your weight remains stable, or goes down.

As said, on fasting days you are not strictly speaking fasting either, as you eat a small healthy morning and evening meal, so you are not going completely without food, you are not “starving”, but definitely become more aware of your stomach and feel hunger pangs.


small healthy meal

Hunger only temporary

Hunger pangs on the 5:2 (or 6:1 as I actually do) are uncomfortable, but they are temporary, and they pass.

As well as hunger pangs there are other factors that make fasting days a little different than “normal” days, for example heightened senses, especially the sense of smell for some reason!!.

But one of the most overriding sensations, for me at least, is how much I look forward to knowing that tomorrow will be a normal eating day.

Breakfast for a King (or Queen!)


Big healthy brekkie

And when tomorrow comes I tuck in to a lovely breakfast of smoked salmon or scrambled eggs and toast with a big cup of tea and feel wholly satisfied.

But what if tomorrow doesn’t come?

But it occurred to me yesterday, as I was walking home from work, on a fasting day,

“what if tomorrow I couldn’t eat normally again”?…

“what if I had to permanently live on a fast”?…

“what if I was always hungry”?

Happily for me, this will never be the case, but the children we are trying to help are not so lucky.  Not only are they deprived of education, but the are very often hungry.  They live on few calories, consuming food with low nutritious value and with very little variety in their diet  PERMANENTLY.

Education – a means to fill a stomach

Imagine though, giving these kids a chance for an education will mean that they have the potential to get a job in the future, as a nurse, teacher or in many other noble professions.  This cycle of poverty and hunger can be put to an end.

Please help

Please put yourself in their shoes and think for a minute what it would be like.  Maybe you could try fasting for a day and imagine that as a permanent condition.

hungry child

hungry child

We welcome one off donations, but are shortly going to be launching a fundraising puzzle for regular donors.

Each puzzle piece will sell for £5 / Kr50 per month.  Please contact us if you would like to be first on the list for a piece of the puzzle!



 …Whoever has a bountiful eye will be blessed, for he shares his bread with the poor (Proverbs 22:9)

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