Summer is here and the ground is getting hotter!

I have just had news from The Miracle School that now that summer is here the conditions become even more unbearable for the child laborers in Lahore that we are trying to educate.

They sit on hot concrete floors with little clothing and no shoes working in the burning midday sun which reaches 50+ degrees.

Another burning hot day in the Brick Kiln

Another burning hot day in the Brick Kiln

Their cloths are filthy, most of the children have malaria now with high fevers and severe headaches, and still they must work.

This is hell on earth… literally.

Imagine being one of these children, or being the mother or father of one of these children.  It is unthinkable, and we need to stop it.

Everyone has their own part to play putting a stop to this abuse of our fellow humans, especially these poor helpless children.

This project is a personal mission by a small group of fundraisers to raise money for the education of these children, the money is going directly to the school’s book fund with no admin fees deducted.

100% of your money is going to work for the children that really need it.

All we ask for is for you to buy a brick from on online fundraising puzzle

Each brick costs 50Kr or £5 per month, just set up a standing order to

account number 1207.88.80560 (Norway) or

account number 07472203 sort 30.93.74 (UK)

Buy one puzzle brick and you will be educating 6 kids, and you will change their life forever.

These children are living well below the poverty line, and they long for an education as their only chance for a better life.

There are lots of good causes that need money, we realize that, but we are asking for a small monthly amount, approximately the same amount as a big cookie, tub of ice cream, or a magazine.  Please consider sacrificing one small treat a month and donating some money to this cause instead.

The beauty of this project is that we are not just trying to fix something that is broken, but we are trying to stop it breaking in the first place.  These kids already have an extremely tough life, but they have a chance for a better life than their parents, and together WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE to their future and the future of generations to come,

you can make the world different.

Please act today and spread the word..

Brick-Kiln kids (child laborers) - those lucky enough to be in school

Brick-Kiln kids (child laborers) – those lucky enough to be in school this year with the book money raised by The Mercy Tree


If you have any questions please contact us, or if you are interested in joining the Mercy Family and helping with the fundraising let us know, there is lots to be done!

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