Would you say no?

Would you say no?

.. if a child, dirty, hungry, desperate, helpless approached you in a supermarket and asked you to swap out one pack of biscuits and give them the money instead to buy some books for school?

child living in poverty

child living in poverty

Would you?  I doubt it, I reckon you would say “YES”.

That is what I am asking you to say, “YES” to my school books campaign.

children-306607_1280 (2)

I am fundraising to buy school books for some of the worlds poorest children.  Without an education they have no hope.

Can you imagine a live with no hope?

No amount of my blog writing and campaigning will fill their bellies or educate their minds, it is only YOU that will make a difference.

Please dont just read this and think “that its nice someone is trying to help”, take action, say “YES”, swap out one small luxury a month and send me £5 (Kr50) instead.  That is all I need from you to send six kids to school.  How fantastic that you can make such a massive difference in this world for such a small price.

We still have six months before the next school year starts, so please sign up now, time is of the essence

Join me and make the world different.

Set up your standing order to the bank details below.  Click here to see our online puzzle

account number 1207.88.80560 (Norway) or

account number 07472203 sort 30.93.74 (UK)

If you have any questions or want any more information please contact us.

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