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Team Germany

I have mentioned in previous posts that there is a team in Germany raising funds for The Miracle School.

I thought it was time to introduce them and tell you a little about them.

Ulrike started the organisation “Rubinas 400 Kinder” with five of her friends in 2007 after a 10 month trip to Lahore, where she met the principle of The Miracle School, Rubina (hence the name of their organisation), and spent time in the schools and at the Brick Kilns.

Ulrike was deeply moved by the work of The Miracle School, and saw the desperate need over there, and felt motivated to help.

From strength to strength

Ulrike, founder of "Rubina's 400 Kinder"

Ulrike, founder of “Rubina’s 400 Kinder” & Rubina, school principle (in white)

The idea initially was that they would try to provide a little financial backbone for the school, however today they are providing the funds to run the entire school!

Over the last 8 years their little gang has grown, and they are now a group of 25 women and men, who through their diligent efforts, between them manage to raise on average over 2000 Euros each month to run the school, they are doing a fantastic job.

They also funded the balance of the school books in 2015 which meant that ALL the children were able to attend school this year.







The result of this was that in 2015

30% of the school books were funded by The Mercy Tree (Norway & England)

60% of the school books were funded by Rubina’s 400 Kinder (Germany)

10% of the school books were funded by donors local to the school.



My aim is that with your help The Mercy Tree will be able to fund a greater percentage of the school books in 2016, so there is a lot of work to be done!

The Puzzle

Whilst Ulrike and her friends have committed to funding the running of the school, The Mercy Tree is endeavoring to raise the funds for the school books. These are purchased in Feb/Mar each year in time for the new school year which begins early March.  The children attending the Miracle School come from extremely poor families, all resources needed to attend school are provided by the school primarily by virtue of the support from Rubina’s 400 Kinder and The Mercy Tree.  Our effort and contribution is vital.

The idea for The Mercy Tree’s fundraising puzzle came from Ulrike & her friends who also have a fundraising puzzle. To date they have sold 135 pieces at 10 Euro’s per piece, and this provides the primary stable income for running the Miracle school.

It really matters and it really works

Although the monthly commitment from individuals over here in Europe is relatively small, it is a HUGE deal when you add up the sum of the parts.  Every single puzzle piece sold, and everyone who helps in any other way, with a one off donation of money, time, gifts etc really are changing the lives and prospects for these children forever.

Ulrike & co. also raise money through other activities such as markets, summer parties, concerts, fun runs etc.  It has been a progression of little steps and continuous efforts by Ulrike and her friends that have resulted in this fantastic result for the poor, neglected and exploited children of the Brick Kilns and surrounding areas in Lahore.

Rubina's 400 kinder Christmas market

Rubina’s 400 kinder Christmas market

Rubina's 400 Kinder - summer party

Rubina’s 400 Kinder – summer party



It is really fun to be able to work along side them, myself and Ulrike who is a devoted mother and grandmother are in regular touch to share ideas and inspiration.

Take a look at their website, they have a lot of great pictures, and use google translate if you don’t understand German (like me!!).

If you feel you can help support these kids by becoming a regular supporter, please check out our fundraising puzzle, it will cost you very little, but will make the world of difference.

Remember, 100% of your donation will be used to buy books, we keep nothing back for admin, all work is entirely voluntary.


kids starting school in 2015 with their new books

kids starting school in 2015 with their new books



Laura, the founder of the Mercy Tree writes this blog delivering Mercy Tree news as well as her #littleBIGlife tips.  These are fun and interesting tips for living a bigger, fuller, more abundant life.

Laura Landmark, founder of The Mercy Tree AS

Laura Landmark, founder of The Mercy Tree AS


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