The mystery donor

Thanks to a mystery donor who has purchased four pieces of The Mercy Tree fundraising puzzle.

The puzzle pieces are a lifeline

Your contribution is more valuable than you can imagine.

Mystery Donor's puzzle pieces

Mystery Donor’s puzzle pieces

We at The Mercy Tree are hugely grateful to those who have joined our steadily growing gang of monthly supporters, as the steady income is allowing us to plan and guarantee a secured place in school for kids that are in such desperate need.

In light of the current humanitarian crisis, where entire populations are being forced to leave their villages, we wholeheartedly believe we are in the blessed position of being able to help a community in their home place.

We are continuously striving to raise funds for the education of some the worlds poorest and most vulnerable children so that they don’t end up living a life without hope, which for all intents and purposes is no life at all.

“Hope is like the Sun, which as we journey towards it casts the shadow of our burden behind us” Samuel Smiles (Scottish Author)

puzzle at 22.09.2015

puzzle at 22.09.2015






Laura, the founder of the Mercy Tree writes this blog delivering Mercy Tree news as well as her #littleBIGlife tips.  These are fun and interesting tips for living a bigger, fuller, more abundant life.

Laura Landmark, founder of The Mercy Tree AS

Laura Landmark, founder of The Mercy Tree AS


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