What if Friday never came?

What if Friday never came?

Today is Tuesday, we are heading towards the middle of a busy week.  We tend to measure our time in the distance from or to our weekends, but what if there was no weekend, ever.  What if Friday never came??

I am lucky enough to have a job I love.  It is stimulating, rewarding and exciting.  However, even on the best of weeks I am always pleased when Friday comes and I know the weekend is upon us.  In the office there is that special Friday feeling, everyone is a bit more upbeat and jovial, it feels very different then than it does on Monday morning!

Being lucky enough to work Monday to Friday the weekend brings me a chance to switch off, enjoy time with my family, use extra time and effort cooking some extra nice food, or “feasts” as we call them, to watch a film, meet friends, go to a café, or simply do nothing.  It is golden time, and I wouldn’t swap it for anything.

But what if Friday never came?

Working can be fun

When I was a teenager and wanted to start earning my own money I found a job waiting tables in a very busy diner on the A3 motorway outside Guildford in England.  I really enjoyed the job, I loved decorating the enormous ice cream “Sundays” and assembling the banana splits, or flipping the pancakes on the desert bar.  Or the relentless urgency of ploughing the dirty dishes as quickly as possible through the dishwasher and stacking them on the other side to keep up with the never ending demand.  I even got a kick out of cleaning the tables, as it was a continuous challenge to get them cleared and wiped before the next hungry travelers sat down.  In summary, me and my co-worker friends had fun.

Working can be extremely dull

I had a friend at the same time who lived in a very remote area.  She also wanted to earn money, but the only jobs available were in a factory, and she got herself a job which involved painting stripe after stripe on small circuit boards on a production line.  I am guessing that is the type of job that is probably automated now, but 25 years ago it was (for better or worse) completed by a human being.  Needless to say her days felt endless, her mind was numbed, and she longed, literally lived for Friday’s.

But once again, what if her Friday never came?

The never ending line

What if we all lived in that perpetual state of mind numbing line painting?.  Even worse, what if in addition to the line painting day in, day out, 365 days per year we worked 16hr days in unbearably hot conditions?  What if that factory felt like a furnace?.  What if we had no protective clothing, no lunch or tea breaks and we were constantly thirsty and hungry as well?.  What if we had to ask our boss for permission if we wanted to visit the bathroom, and what if that was not always granted?.  What if in exchange for working in this interminable hell hole with no breaks ever, we received no pay check, what if we received no thanks?.  What if we felt ill, had a headache or a fever, but we had to carry on regardless.  What if we were punished if we didn’t paint enough stripes?.

Even worse

What if we looked to our side and saw our child suffering the same fate… what if we regretfully understood that without their help we would struggle to meet our quota of stripes for the week, and for that there are significant consequences.

What if we and our children had no choices, no comfort, no hopes, and no bright future?

This is reality for some

This is how it is for those that are living in slavery today.  There are entire families that are bound to work for an employer who for all intents and purposes owns them, and the picture I have painted above is their reality.

This is no playground

This is no playground

A way out

However, what if an angel came one day and told you “I can give your child a better life”.  “I will teach her to read and write, and I will teach her about the world.  I will teach her that this is not right,  I will teach her that she can do more than this, I will teach her that she is worth more than this.  I will give her skills and support her through school and on to higher education.  I will treat her with respect and understanding, I will try to feed her regularly, I will cloth her and give her time to create and play.  I know you have no money to pay for this, but I will find the funding for her clothes, books, pens and pencils, I will save her a place in class, you just have to agree to let her go regardless of the consequences”.

Would you jump at that chance?  I reckon you would.  Most people would do anything to give their kids a better life.


Brick Kiln kids in maths class

Brick Kiln kids in maths class

What if that child then goes to school, gets and education and a reputable job as a teacher, nurse, accountant for example.  What if she in turn can teach her brothers, sisters, and other family members to read, and tells them about what she knows and what she has learnt.  What if she can one day earn enough money to buy her family out of slavery.  What if the cycle can end?

The children receiving a meal, the school aims to feed them everyday

The children receiving a meal, the school aims to feed them everyday


books purchased in 2015 by Mercy Tree supporters

books purchased in 2015 by Mercy Tree supporters

Some tender loving care in school - hairwash day

Some tender loving care in school – hairwash day










The angel who is offering a way out to the brick kiln kids in Lahore Pakistan is Rubina.  The money for those books, pens, pencils and the place in class and a regular meal

Rubina convincing mothers to send their children to the Miracle School

Rubina convincing mothers to send their children to the Miracle School

comes from the invaluable donations of kind hearted people in Germany, Norway and England, via the volunteer fundraising organizations

Rubina’s 400 kinder founded by Ulrike in 2007

The Mercy Tree founded by Laura Landmark in 2015

It doesn’t cost a lot for us to send these kids to school, we need approximately £10 (Kr100) per year per kid to buy their school books and stationery, but the impact we can make with our financial support will make a huge and lasting difference for generations to come.  It is not possible to emphasize how valuable schooling is, especially in areas where illiteracy is rife and an education is just a dream.

Help us make this a reality for more children by becoming a regular contributor via our fundraising puzzle, making a one off donation, or contact us to find out other ways you can help.



“Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom” George Washington Carver (American Scientist)







Laura, the founder of the Mercy Tree writes this blog delivering Mercy Tree news as well as her #littleBIGlife tips.  These are fun and interesting tips for living a bigger, fuller, more abundant life.

Laura Landmark, founder of The Mercy Tree AS

Laura Landmark, founder of The Mercy Tree AS


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