Thank you for your help!

A good result.

After a fun filled and busy year, with the help of family, friends, colleagues and neighbours, we managed to raise an impressive 63% of the school books target for the 2016 school year which will be kicking off soon, and I want to sincerely thank everyone that has made that possible.

Every single donation no matter how large or small makes a massive difference to the success of this project and to the lives of these children.

Brick Kiln kids in maths class

Brick Kiln kids in maths class

63% is good, but lets try for 100% next time!

We are already planning our fundraising activities for the 2017 school year, so please watch this space. We encourage you to take a look at our fundraising puzzle.  You buy a piece of this virtual puzzle for a nominal fee and you change the lives of six kids forever.

(100% our our collection is sent to help the children, our work is entirely voluntary, nothing is spent on admin.).

Remember that a child in school is a child out of labour, and a child further out of reach of the child traffickers.  I cannot think of a better use of our time, money and energy than to help make this happen.

Happy Sunday 🙂









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Laura Landmark, founder of The Mercy Tree AS

Laura Landmark, founder of The Mercy Tree AS


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