The kids are back in school l!

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2016 spring term is underway

After an extended wait due power cuts and disruption in Lahore the books, pens, pencils and worksheets have arrived.  Thanks to all of you Mercy Tree supporters there are now 600 very happy kids starting a new term of school.

The word school for them is synonymous with the word life, it is difficult for us to appreciate how important it is for these children to learn to read and write as we have no concept of their current living conditions.

Most of these children are victims of human trafficking, living in squalid, deprived and dangerous conditions.  The simple act of learning to read provides them with a chance for a better life, the hope of a job, and the possibility to put an end to generation after generation of systematic abuse and exploitation.

All I ask is for £5/Kr50 per month

It is incredible how much good you can do with so little, but remember, when you have absolutely nothing, £5 per month is a fortune.

I sell pieces on my online puzzle board for just £5 per month.  Over a year that represents enough to buy books and stationery for approximately 6 children for an entire school year.  It is not much of a monthly outlay, but it means the world of difference for these vulnerable children.  Nothing is kept back for admin, every penny is used to buy school books.

Please contact me today and let me know if you would like to be involved in helping with this small but life changing project.  Each and every one of you that are already helping today have my undying gratitude.

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