How school books offer a lifeline, please help.

I am on a mission and I greatly need your help.  I am raising money to buy school books for exploited children.

Two years ago in the summer of 2014 I met Rubina, the principle of an exceptionally special school, “The Miracle School“.  Rubina, along with her band of volunteers and teachers offers free education to some of the worlds most vulnerable and deprived children. These children known as “the brick-kiln children” are victims of human trafficking, most of them work as child laborers in dangerous and deplorable conditions, an education is literally their only hope of freedom.

“The Miracle School” offers free education for these children, but this comes at a cost.

The school needs to provide the children with a classroom, a teacher, books, pens and pencils. If their families agree to send them at all, many of these children come to school dirty, tired and hungry.  The school often goes beyond the boundaries of pure education and provides the children with some small “luxuries” like a hair wash, and some nutritious food as regularly as the budget allows.

What has this got to do with you or me?

Initially I caught myself doing what we so often do in these situations, I found myself deeply sympathizing with them and hoping that things would get easier for them, that ‘someone’ would come and help.

Then it struck me, “I can help”. I figured I could sacrifice a a relatively small amount of money to make a long lasting and profound change for these children, but more importantly I could encourage my friends to do it with me, power lies in numbers.

stacks of books purchased by "The Mercy Tree" supporters

stacks of books purchased by “The Mercy Tree” supporters

School books, it transpired was one of their greatest needs, so at the end of 2014 my little charity “The Mercy Tree” was born and for the last two years I have collected money from family, colleagues, neighbours, kind strangers and friends, and together we have bought the school books for hundreds of children.

School books is an on-going project.

£6000 per year is our target, as this covers the cost of the school books for all 600 children in the school. It is a small amount of money in the great scheme of things, though difficult to raise when most of us are already committed to our favourite charities, and many of us feel like we do enough, or at least as much as we believe we can afford.



But I am going to be so bold as to ask you to do just a little bit more!

I am asking you for a donations of £5 per month towards this project via my online puzzle.  I ask this of anyone willing to turn a nominal and relatively invisible amount of money into the words/pages/books/ideas that will literally change a little bit of the world forever.

With this donation you will be buying school books for 6 children for 1 year.

I do NOT want £25, £15, or even £10, just £5 per month is enough to make a huge and lasting difference.

I also have several “pet” charities but I can honestly say that bolting on an extra £5 per month has gone completely unnoticed, whilst knowing that my invisible money is morphing into school books for those that truly need and value an education.  What could be better than that?.

Money is a touchy subject, and no matter how much you have it is always ‘tight’, I get that, but without meaning to be dismissive or preachy I am appealing to anyone that thinks they could find this little extra, either by dipping into the purse, or by giving up one coffee/cake/cookie/lipstick (sort of thing!) per month to join our little band of “school bookers”!!.

In return you will have my eternal gratitude (as you will be saving me a lot of fundraising effort!!), and the superb peace of mind that comes with doing a little extra good.

NB, ZERO overheads mean your entire contribution will be used to buy books.

So please don’t do what I initially did and assume that someone else will help.  Please take action now, we have about 9 months before purchasing the next batch of books, so if you join me now you will get a chance to make the stack of books we buy in Feb 2017 EVEN BIGGER than last year!

I really need your help to make this work, please share this message with as many people as you can.

These books are changing their lives

These books have changed their lives



Laura Landmark, founder of The Mercy Tree AS

Laura Landmark, founder of The Mercy Tree AS

Laura, the founder of The Mercy Tree AS blogs with news and events, follow us and keep up to date.

The Mercy Tree AS is a ‘not for profit’ organisation, I am always looking out for ideas and volunteers, let me know if you can help.

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