Preschooler’s act of true generosity 2

Oskar's philanthropic enterprise

Oskar’s philanthropic enterprise

You know that humbling feeling when your four year old neighbour unexpectedly appears at your door and hands you a jar of coins? I do!  Tonight I was witness to an honest act of pure generosity.

Enterprising young Oskar had spontaneously decided to go round our neighborhood accompanied by his big brother selling “things” to raise money for the Mercy Tree school books campaign.

Oskar explained he had sold some “pretty stones, some marbles and his torch”.  His unprompted act of kindness was really touching, he totally blew me away.  He raised enough money to buy school books for a poverty stricken and vulnerable child for approximately six months.  Not a bad achievement for a preschooler.

Thanks Oskar and Halvor for your kind contribution, the money has gone straight into the school books bank account.




Laura Landmark, founder of The Mercy Tree AS

Laura Landmark, founder of The Mercy Tree AS

Laura, the founder of The Mercy Tree AS blogs with news and events, follow us and keep up to date.

The Mercy Tree AS is a ‘not for profit’ organisation, we are always looking out for ideas and volunteers, let me know if you can help.

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