Preschooler’s act of true generosity 2

You know that humbling feeling when your four year old neighbour unexpectedly appears at your door and hands you a jar of coins? I do!  Tonight I was witness to an honest act of pure generosity. Enterprising young Oskar had spontaneously decided to go round our neighborhood accompanied by his big brother selling “things” to raise money for […]

Round the world with a bouncy castle

All kids love to bounce! Meet the fantastic Thomas travelling the world in his old blue van with his giant bouncy castle “his precious”!. Travelling from town to town, he is visiting orphanages and other children in need who would otherwise never get a chance to bounce. A chance meeting brought him to our very own Miracle School […]

How school books offer a lifeline, please help.

I am on a mission and I greatly need your help.  I am raising money to buy school books for exploited children. Two years ago in the summer of 2014 I met Rubina, the principle of an exceptionally special school, “The Miracle School“.  Rubina, along with her band of volunteers and teachers offers free education to […]

school books change lives