• What is the Mercy Tree’s focus, anti slavery, or education?

Both, we are The Mercy Tree believe that education is the key to releasing people from slavery or helping them to avoid the trap in the first place.

Education = knowledge,  Knowledge = power.

We believe that to empower the poorest members of our society, those who are most susceptible to slavery in its many tragic forms, is the basis for making our world a better place to live, especially for those that are suffering at the hand of another.

  • The Mercy Tree states that is uniting mums, does this mean it is an organisation where only mums are welcome?

No, we welcome everyone who has an interest in our cause.  We claim to be uniting mums since the foundation was started by a mum, and the blog is written from the perspective of an everyday mum, but dads, brothers, sisters, aunts uncles, cousins, friends.. you name it, everyone is welcome to join the Mercy group

  • How much of the money donated or collected is used for admin?

None, 100% of the money donated or collected is sent to the projects supported by the Mercy Tree, there is no third party, and no admin fees kept back by us

  • You have a facebook shop, are the products you sell new?

Not all of them, we actively seek donations of good quality new or lightly used items for resale.

Again, nothing is kept back for admin, we just sell the product and send all the money to the cause.

We encourage people living locally to us to drop items in at our drop off points, and those not living locally we ask for a clear photo of the item for sale and a rough idea of its worth.  If we manage to sell the item, we then send postage instructions to the donor and hope with our sincere gratitude they don’t mind a trip to the post office 🙂

  • You sell some new items, are they fairtrade?

Since The Mercy Tree is campaigning against slavery we are very careful when picking our suppliers.

Our products are sourced mainly from small family companies, and often directly from initiatives supporting vulnerable groups or communities such as disabled people, or AIDs victims.  We make every effort to ensure we are purchasing items that have been made fairly, even though they are not necessarily stamped as fairtrade

  • You dont have many items in your facebook store, why is that?

This is a new venture (launched at the beginning of 2015), everything is funded personally by the Mercy Team, we are building our product assortment slowly but surely.  The Mercy Tree was founded principally however to trade in donated items, our philosophy is to..

..take something someone else doesn’t want, pass it on to someone that does, and send the cash to someone that needs it.

What is in it for us??  We get to see the world turning into a better place and know we helped.  Everybody is a winner!

  • Do you need any help?

Yes, The Mercy Tree is a small foundation run entirely by volunteers, we need help with all manner of practical things such as fundraising, raffle book sales, collecting in donated items, spreading the word, shoulders to cry on, postage and distribution, website optimization, brainstorming, campaigning, you name it.. if you have a desire to help or join the team on a voluntary basis fill in the contact form on the contact page.