Fundraising Puzzle

Please buy a puzzle piece (or two!) and help us solve the puzzle.

Each piece costs 50kr or £5 per month.

Become a regular supporter for our school books project and make the world of difference.

Set up a monthly transfer and send an email confirming your subscription so that we can say thanks.

sent to:-

account number 1207.88.80560 (Norway) or

account number 07472203 sort 30.93.74 (UK)


Contact us for more information

Buying one puzzle piece will fund school books for six kids for one year

110 pieces * £5 per month = £6600 per year, enough for books for the entire student body of the Miracle School Ministry

Current pieces sold = 31
puzzle per 02.02.2016

puzzle per 02.02.2016



complete puzzle 110 pieces

complete puzzle 110 pieces

Thanks to the fantastic Jigidi for providing the online puzzle