Uniting the Mercy Family

 LogoColorTextBelowI am a devoted mother of two beautiful children,  and I have recently become fully aware of the horrors of modern day slavery in all its tragic forms.

With the fierce love of a mother, I cannot just stand by and watch this happen,  I want to be part of the people that will not accept this.

God forbid that this ever touches any of us personally, but it could, it is not as far away as you might think.  Regardless of how close this is to home, these children, millions and millions of them, are someones child, and they deserve to live with hope, dignity, satisfaction and respect, and without pain, fear and disdain.

I have started fundraising to support projects focusing on preventative type measures, namely projects to provide education to children living in poverty or slavery.

I founded a non profit foundation called The Mercy Tree,  the principle activity of this organisation being the selling of goods and donated items to raise funds and awareness.

I hope you will join our Mercy Family by becoming a Mercy Sister or Brother we all have a special talent, and we can all use them right here, right now to make a difference.  Everyone has a part to play in eliminating this modern day tragedy, without doubt there is something you can do to help.

The original Mercy Mum!

The original Mercy Mum!

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