Light up the darkness – change lives with the gift of an education

The Mercy Tree was born from a desire to acknowledge the darkness in our world, and flood it with light.

The children we are trying to help live in horrible conditions, they suffer from slavery and violence of all forms, and are victims of every kind of circumstance.

We recognise this, we acknowledge it and abhor it, but we also are not here to dwell in this darkness.

The Mercy Tree family concentrate on finding creative ways to raise money to buy school books for these children, to give them hope in an otherwise hopeless world.

We are an organisation of like minded individuals with a strong desire to do something to help those that are vulnerable and helpless.  We hope you will join us in understanding what these children are facing, and in giving them a helping hand to a brighter future.

Hope is light, a light at the end of a very long tunnel.

On our website you will find little reference to the horror of these childrens’ everyday lives, but rather a focus on what can be done to give them a chance at a better life.

You will see also an positive emphasis on how those of us that “have” can appreciate and love the privileged lives we have been given.  In our blog’s #littleBIGlife tips, you can read fun and interesting facts and tips for the mind body and soul, we hope you enjoy these and feel free to leave a comment about any of our tips, or make a suggestion for what you could add to our #littleBIGlife tips archive.

On this page we shall discuss some of the gruesome facts about modern day slavery and why we believe education is the way out.

As the educational reformer John Dewey said …“Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself”… please help us give these kids a life, they are depending on us.


chains-19176_1280 (2)Slavery is an ugly word, which leaves most of us cold.

It is far removed from the life of modern day ‘luxury’ that many of us are living.

Sure we have our everyday struggles in varying degrees of severity, in fact some of us have it really tough, and it is all relative, BUT most of us at least have our basic needs met, we are safe, comfortable, warm and well fed.

In return we feel we are also trying to do ‘our bit’,  we are kind to others, we donate to charities regularly, put spare change in the collection boxes, give money to the church, volunteer locally.  We hold down jobs that keep us busy, and spend our spare time taxiing the kids around to their various activities, anything to make the kids happy!  Most of us are good humanitarian people, concerned about our world, interested in climate change and carbon footprints, worried about our kids and their welfare constantly, we enjoy helping our neighbours, supporting our friends, and trying to live our lives in the best way we can.


But we are unaware of a massive humanitarian crisis that is looming all over the globe.  Did you know that there are more slaves today than at any point during history, and the majority of these are women and children.

Most of us do not realise this, I certainly had no idea of the extent of the problem until I started researching it.

  • We are unaware that people are actually held against their will thinking slavery died out in the 1800’s
  • We are unknowingly supporting the issue by consuming everyday products such as coffee and chocolate and using cell phones directly or indirectly made by slaves
  • We have no idea that people are being held for sex and servitude in the very town where we live.. guaranteed
  • We have no idea that generation after generation of a family can be ‘owned’ by a debt holder with no chance of purchasing their freedom
  • We justify injustice by making comments like “well they have to make a living somehow… “
  • We assume people working in the sex industry are there because they want to be for easy money or they made a bad decision
  • We have absolutely no idea that we can actually be part of STOPPING modern day slavery

Slavery takes many forms including bonded labour, forced servitude and human trafficking which can be thought of as the modern day slave trade..

Slavery exists all over the world, there are estimated to be around 27m slaves in the world today.

We turn a blind eye, not out of carelessness or lack of empathy, but out of lack of understanding about this painful and dark subject and with the fear that we are helpless in the face of such an enourmous problem.  We cannot bear to look at our own children and imagine that there are millions of kids out there suffering horrendous atrocities, not through any natural disaster such as famine or disease, but to satisfy the greed or perversity of someone else.  It is totally unnecessary, totally avoidable, and if enough people stand up against it, it can be eradicated in our lifetime.

Education – there is another way

We at The Mercy Tree Foundation believe education is the key to stopping this crime against humanity.

Educating children especially and empowering them with the knowledge that the slavery holding their parents and grandparents before them need not hold them, it is illegal and immoral, and they can rise up against it.  Arming them with the knowledge that a promise from a stranger of a better life somewhere else is very unlikely to be true and very likely to be a one way ticket into another form of captivity.  Many people remain in bondage, all the while thinking their lives are normal, the truth can set them free.children-306607_1280 (2)

These children need to be empowed with the knowledge that slavery of any description does not need to be their destiny.  There is another way, they need to fight along side us for the life that is rightfully theirs.

Click here to read more about modern day slavery on the extremely informative website

Click here for some astonishing facts about human trafficking, did you know for example that human traffickers are increasingly trafficking pregnant women for their new borns.  It is too horrendous to even contemplate, but it is a fact.



 …Jesus said “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, … he has sent me to make well those who are broken-hearted; to say that the prisoners will be let go, and the blind will see, and to make the wounded free from their chains”  (Luke 4:18).